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Were you aware that water makes up more than 50% of the human body? Despite this amazing fact, most Americans don't drink nearly enough to replenish what they use on a daily basis. Even if you think you are not doing any strenuous activities, or work in a laid-back office environment, you may not be considering the dehydrating effects of coffee, alcohol, soda, tea, and the sodium present in almost any food you eat. If you suffer from minor headaches, dry skin, acne, exhaustion, or you have trouble getting up in the morning, you may be suffering from constant minor dehydration. Most people don’t even realize the effects, since they don’t seem that serious.

Our self-serve water means you will always have a supply of refreshing easy to drink water to hand. No more worrying about bottles of water, or filling up a water filter jug. Cherry Knoll Spring's self-serve water has a balance of healthy minerals that you’ll only find in spring water. The mix of calcium, magnesium and other minerals is sure to rehydrate and means you do not have to consume loads of calories on sugary sports drinks.

Cherry Knoll Spring's self-serve water is also significantly more affordable for your home or business than buying bottled water at a major retailer. Even buying big boxes of other brands can make a significant dent in your weekly budget. Our self-serve water is great for your health, rehydrates you throughout the day and will delight your taste buds.

We are confident that once you taste Cherry Knoll Spring Water you will not want to try any other brand. Our refreshing water and affordable prices are great for your health as well as your bank account. Please call us at 4409862197 to find out more.