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Spring Water | Cherry Knoll Natural Spring Water - Amherst, OH

Our natural spring has been providing fresh water for thousands of years. It was first mentioned by Ohio historians in the 1800s. It’s underground and always moving, which means the water is constantly being filtered through the spring’s 225-foot sandstone filter. Unlike other sandstones, Cherry Knoll’s sandstone has a grain to it, much like wood, that enhances filtration.

Cherry Knoll Spring Water is really different though, and it goes far beyond the taste. Some people don’t realize what they’re drinking in their regular bottled water. For example, many popular brands are simply tap water, with all its contaminants that are filtered out to make it slightly safer. One brand in particular, though we won’t name names because we’re polite, simply condenses the water to remove “impurities” and then just collects it again and gives it to you.

Cherry Knoll Spring Water, on the other hand, is “living” water. It has a natural amount of dissolved solids that are necessary for body to function, like magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium. The World Health Organization has actually indicated that drinking spring water, which contains magnesium and calcium, may actually cut down on incidents of osteoporosis and heart disease. Calcium is necessary for healthy bones, while magnesium is needed in over 300 biochemical reactions in your body every day, including normal nerve and muscle function. Cherry Knoll Spring Water’s balance of minerals has been proven in independent laboratory testing. Bottled water that contains no dissolved solids may hydrate you, but they don’t have any lasting positive consequences for your body.

We also offer self-serve vending at our Cherry Knoll spring in Amherst for those who want to get their water as close to the source as possible, either to save money or for health reasons.

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